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Anna featured in press on latest House Price Index data release

House prices up 3%+. The Queen -£500m. Commercial -6.6%.

House Price Index data released this week showed 3.4% increase in house prices in the year to June.

(Thanks Financial Reporter and Mortgage Finance Gazette for publishing my comments – click here and here to read the full articles).

Growth was greatest for terraced and semi-detached properties (unsurprisingly).

We are seeing a marked difference between more bullish homeowners/investors and cautious institutions, which is affecting the data.

Meanwhile, the Crown Estate suffered a £500m down valuation and MSCI Inc. released data showing a -6.6% change in value across the real estate sector (6 months).

These data points are not directly comparable, and they mask a lot of subtly, but I think they are worth sharing.

The difference between residential and commercial; prime and non-prime #realestate is showing.

Our focus in on non-prime residential. What will you invest in?