SPI Capital

Services & Expertise

With 50+ years of hands-on experience in property strategy, surveying, management and law, we understand the issues investors face.

We help clients work out where to buy and gain access to quality deals from our extensive network. Clients benefit from data-driven insights to accelerate progress, maximise profit and minimise risks.

We believe that the best forms of investing have a positive social impact, and offer a specialised acquisition service focused on Supported Accommodation housing in addition to the following core services:

Having a clear, actionable plan based on your current resources and goals enables you to stay on track and avoid wasting time and money.

We support clients to decide on the right structure, set-up and finance. We help you to clarify your target returns, and what the best type of investments and locations will be for you, then introduce you to the right professionals to help.

Our team has developed strategies for major global corporates through to High Net Worth Individuals, including developing the strategy for a HNWI-backed UK residential property fund.

One of the most crucial – and challenging – aspects of property investment is finding the right properties. Many investors struggle to find the time needed to identify the right areas and properties to invest in, assess each opportunity and negotiate the best prices.

At SPI Capital we identify and assess deals for you that align with your criteria. Our service covers deal due diligence through to introducing the professionals you need to acquire and manage your next deals, overseen by a Chartered Building Surveyor and Lawyer. Our goal is to help you avoid wasting hours assessing inappropriate deals.

Our team has acquired, developed and disposed of over £4bn of property assets over careers spanning 50+ years. We have worked with the UK’s leading developers, investors and professional service providers, giving us access to a strong flow of on- and off-market deals.

A key area of value lies in minimising portfolio costs, maximising returns and strategically preparing for sale. Our portfolio management includes on-demand problem-solving and providing tailored recommendations on:

  • Efficiency, technology and systems 
  • Tenant satisfaction
  • Lettings and buildings management
  • Local, area and national housing and rental pricing
  • Property valuations
  • Environmental efficiency 
  • Building or condition surveys 
  • Regulatory, finance/refinance and risk 
  • Value add potential

Our team has managed over 1,500 rental properties in-house, and we have partnered with leading local prop-tech-enabled managers.